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We are all unique and perfect in our own way. As much as my first statement is true, it is also a cliché in this evolving and demanding world.

The solution for all is, practice, and betterment will only come with professional training and the right method to learn.

I am Vinita Chopra, a seasoned yet an ever learning professional. I have dedicated more than 3 decades in the education and communication industry. My education and a brief course on theatre, has helped me understand and cultivate more on my teaching methods.

My training has helped individuals to develop key skills such as: Working as part of the team; contributing and sharing of ideas; ability to use their initiatives; take criticism positively, time management and communicate well even when under pressure.

I have conducted several such trainings in MBA colleges from the likes of ISBM, SCIT, IIeBM, CMRD, and design colleges such as DSK International Campus, SID, MIT and custom corporate trainings at WNS, DC Tata Motors, Green Peace and a few SME IT firms. These trainings have been as part of faculty of the college, guest lectures, invited training programs.

A new season began for me in 2020.

I feel events like current Covid 19 happened for a reason. We all faced crisis at this moment, but it also brought positivity, awareness, knowledge to many. Well, this pandemic made me more familiar with technology. Since, I have been extremely comfortable with students, classes and lectures – podcast came as a solution. I learnt and realized that podcast allow for multitasking and is time efficient form of communication.

So, here I come with a series of podcast for young students and professionals of tomorrow.

Being a Business Communication faculty, I have worked on my podcast series related to communication. I am sure the series will certainly be a great guidance to many. I begin here with my first lesson to young students, it is the courage to move ahead counts and failure and success is just a slice of it.


Teachers are also counselors. Of course we do go through a short training during our teacher's training program but experience teaches us a lot. We help our students to access important information, work with patiences and under stress. These are common situations we have handled for our students. This has been a very important part of my teaching service and even today the trust remains between my old students and me.


This is a small word with a deep meaning. Life gives everyone two options, either to evolve or repeat. I believe strongly in EVOLVE - going ahead and looking beyond. This helped me to live on, grow further and emerge stronger as life gives very few choices.


This word has been very close to my heart, as I have been a Business Communication faculty always. I have always learnt and enjoyed the art of communication. They say "simple is difficult", and I believe in keeping communication simple - to overcome any difficult situations. Communication is like oxygen, it is a very important part of everyone's life. I have always believed - learn the right art of communication, and then communicate with skills to experience wonders.

Presenting Self

How to prepare to

  • Facing Entrance Interviews
  • Group discussion
  • Build Portfolios
  • Making presentations
  • Profiles

Become part of the corporate culture by learning:

  • Corporate etiquette
  • Being Team Member
  • Take Criticism positively
  • Handling pressure
  • Time management